I Are A Star (Texas and Red Dirt Country #3)
I Are A Star (Texas and Red Dirt Country #3)

I Are A Star (Texas and Red Dirt Country #3)

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For this week’s installment, we have a song from one of the big names in Texas Country as well as a major songwriter for Outlaw Country (including some of Waylon Jennings’ hits): Billy Joe Shaver.

He has had an impressive career as a songwriter, with the following titles to his credit: Honky Tonk Heroes, You Asked Me To, Live Forever, Georgia On A Fast Train, I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal, just to name a few. At some point, if I continue this series, I’m sure I will get to one or more of those songs. However, in this post, I have selected Slim Chance And The Can’t Hardly Playboys, featuring fellow Texas Country artist, Kevin Fowler. This song tells the story of a very bad band, the Can’t Hardly Playboys, until Slim Chance came along and “played the songs that stick right in your head.” That’s not necessarily to say he was any good either. The band continues to play in Walmart parking lots, for instance. They still dream of getting dressing rooms when they play. It’s a very silly song, with a number of puns in the lyrics.

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