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Fujifilm Recipes

Fujifilm Recipes

The Fujifilm line of X-series mirrorless cameras allows you to store what is called “recipes.” These are “quick” settings you can select to create your own looks. My X-T30 has seven slots. Recipes are often used to emulate various film stocks such as Kodachrome. Since I actually started using recipes early in 2021, I have mostly been using ones that emulate old film stocks.

Recently (fall 2021), I have been experimenting with my own looks. My goal is to allow Fujifilm to create my jpegs and not spend hours in, for instance, Lightroom. I do this by either using one of my stored recipes or re-developing the negative (the RAW file). Fujifilm provides software called X Raw Studio. This allows you to create any number of recipes and have the camera apply the settings. The net result is camera-created jpegs that are essentially SOOC. The recipes I have created were done using this process and trial and error. I’ll be posting information about these recipes, including the settings and sample pics, as I get them built. They will likely be tweaked as I spend more time on them. Thus far I have 6:

I may create more with time, but I only have 7 slots and there is one other recipe I can’t decide if I want to remove. I’ve already had to make a business decision to remove one that I use a lot.

All recipes are licensed for use: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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