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I’ve Been Doing it Wrong

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No details in this one. That will come later.

I’ve been re-evaluating photo editing software, and spending a lot of time on darktable. I’ve been seeing issues with recent photographs. I’ve learned a whole lot in the last hour.

I’ve long known the Dynamic Range setting on Fujifilm cameras affects the raw, but I’ve never appreciated just how much they do. I do now—hat tip to Mark Adams for pointing it out.

A lot of my issues are because of how much the camera underexposes the image as you increase the dynamic range (and I think even more so with Dynamic Range Priority, which I have been using exclusively for close to a year now). After taking a series of test shots at DR 100, 200, and 400, I see the problems now. I may post those later.

I don’t think I can use DR 100. I think I will need to shoot in DR 200. I can usually work with DR 200 in my camera, and it doesn’t underexpose the image too much.

We shall see.

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