Old Film

This is my take on what “old film” looks like. It’s meant to be rather generic and not to resemble any particular filmstock. It is based on the Pro Neg Std sim. I’ve desaturated it quite a bit and added a lot of film grain. It gives a nice retro look which is very effective in some situations.


This image has been posted previously in my Flickr account, but I have redeveloped it here to show off the Old Film look. This is a Lechuguila stalk with The Window (Big Bend National Park) in the background. Given that the Lechuguila only blooms once (it is an agave), this is not something you can get just any time.


This is an apartment complex on Lake Woodlands in The Woodlands, TX (north suburban Houston). This was taken in early 2021 after I started shooting raw+jpeg and experimenting with recipes.


Vereins Kirche, the association church in Fredericksburg, TX. It’s rare to get this without people in the shot.

Here are the settings:

Old Film

Film Simulation: ProNegStd
White Balance: Underwater R: -2 B: -3

Dynamic Range: DR400
Highlights: 0
Shadows: +3
Color: -4
Sharpness: -1
Noise reduction: -4
Grain Effect: Strong
CC Effect: Off
ISO: Auto
Exp. Compensation: 0

This recipe is licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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