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For some background about my second generation of recipes, see Real Color.

TruChrome is meant to complement the aforementioned Real Color. It is an undersaturated recipe using the Classic Chrome (slide film-like) simulation built-in to reasonably new Fujifilm cameras. My goal is to have a recipe that produces realistic colors where the overall setting or subject needs a more subdued pallette or the inherently retro look of Classic Chrome.


This is a common subject when developing new recipes: some old equipment at the Castolon Historic Site in Big Bend National Park. The retro look and desaturation work really great with this subject as well as the dryness and starkness of the landscape (the Chihuahuan Desert during the dry season).


The mouth of Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park. As above, the desert is a great subject for a retro, desaturated look.


I wouldn’t normally use a desaturated look for flowers, but I thought this would be a good example of how it looks. This is a red yucca, which is a desert plant but has become a fairly common ornamental for landscaping.


Finally, a return to the desert. This is the Rio Grande above Boquillas Canyon (near the Hot Springs) in Big Bend National Park.

Here are the settings:


Film Simulation: ClassicChrome
White Balance: Auto R: +1 B: +1

Dynamic Range: Auto
Highlights: +2
Shadows: +1
Color: -4
Sharpness: +2
Noise reduction: -3
Grain Effect: Weak
CC Effect: Weak
ISO: Auto
Exp. Compensation: 0

This recipe is licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

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