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Provian Color

I do not like Provia. I think it is the most boring color sim Fujifilm provides. Specifically, the color palette is rather, well, eh.

Still, I keep trying to use it.

I’d been working on this “Provian Color” recipe for a few months off and on. I was thinking I was getting close, but there was always something there that just wasn’t right. Then it dawned on me.

I’ve been using it wrong.

I’ve been trying to use Provia as if it were an undersaturated Velvia. I realized the colors are simply wrong for that. So, I changed course.

I started to decrease the saturation in the recipe. What I’ve wound up with is something that’s got a nice retro look to it, but that is tamer than TruChrome. This is in my regular rotation now, though I haven’t had an opportunity for a real-world test.

DSCF0295 DSCF4600(1) DSCF9539 DSCF9495 DSCF0716 DSCF6392 DSCF7503

And here are some samples with the contrast boosted.

DSCF6319-2 DSCF0103

This is the standard recipe:

Provian Color

Film Simulation: Provia
White Balance: Auto R: 0 B: -1

Dynamic Range: DR400
Highlights: 0
Shadows: -1
Color: -2
Sharpness: +2
Noise reduction: -3
Grain Effect: Weak, Small
Clarity: 0
CC Effect: Off
CC FX Blue: Off
ISO: Auto
Exp. Compensation: 0

This recipe is licensed: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)