Something New Here: My Photographs
Something New Here: My Photographs

Something New Here: My Photographs

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I’m going to try doing something a little different with my blog. I’m going to start sharing photographs that I take and explain a little of what I’m doing. Maybe this will keep me interested enough to keep the blog updated like I keep threatening to do. We shall see.

As a gift to myself for losing a substantial amount of weight, I bought myself a Fujifilm X-T30 digital mirrorless camera. I’d been thinking about getting a new camera to replace an aging Nikon DSLR that, quite frankly, I never learned to use to its full potential. I chose Fujifilm after a lot of research. They have some unique (not all unique anymore) features: their bodies are designed like film cameras with knobs and dials; they have a proprietary sensor that is not Bayer like pretty much every other digital camera has, and they have film simulations that have different palettes that mimic various film stocks and from those you can create all sorts of looks, mimicking various types of real-world film or create your own look to your taste.

I keep my pictures at my Flickr. Most of these are going to be from my Fuji, but some are with other cameras, such as cell phones or the old Nikon DSLR, or some older point and shoot cameras. For the most part, the EXIF data contains the camera info.

The older pics are generally marked as All Rights Reserved. Newer pics are Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). I intend to update the older ones to this license in the future.

Since I should probably include at least one pic with this introductory post, I’ll give you one of my most recent. This is one of the Bald Eagles at the Houston Zoo. Both of them are incapable of flight due to injury, and so it is possible to get close to them. This was shot using an 18-55mm lens and cropped. Aside from cropping and the watermark, this is an SOOC (Straight-Out-Of-Camera) JPEG. Enjoy.


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