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My Story Isn’t Over Yet

Those who have been paying attention to my social media may have by now noticed the proliferation of semicolons everywhere, including my current profile picture. …


This is me

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I saw this on Facebook.  This is an extremely good description of how my bipolar disorder affects me.

Good Morning. If It Is a Good Morning, Which I Doubt

Dealing with mental illness means being in a daily battle with your own brain.  Up until a few months ago when I found out I …

The Roller Coaster Continues, Just Not As Bumpy

I haven’t written in awhile, and, truth be told, there’s not been a whole lot to say.  I am, thankfully, adjusting well to my meds. …

Hello, I’m Jonathan, And I’m Bipolar – Part II

When last I wrote, I was just coming out of a period of very severe depression, followed by a hypomanic episode.  My medication really seems to …

Hello, I’m Jonathan, and I’m Bipolar

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in late July of this year after battling a severe and at times crippling depression for the prior 16 or more months.